New Zealand Measures Success by Human Well-Being, Not GDP Growth

Dec 24, 2020 by

When countries want to measure the success of their economies, they should assess human well-being instead of gross domestic product...

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2020 Exposed The Myth Of American “Security” 

Dec 23, 2020 by

The “Security State” Not Only Failed To Keep Us Safe, But Worsened The Coronavirus Pandemic And Unleashed Violence On The People...

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Congress clinches deal to restore Pell grants for prisoners 26 years after ban 

Dec 22, 2020 by

The compromise also includes language to simplify the application for federal financial aid and grant more than $1 billion in loan...

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Mexico Bans Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide

Dec 21, 2020 by

Mexico is breaking free from Monsanto’s grip on its soil.The country’s Environment Ministry just announced it plans to gradually...

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A 10 Billion-Tree Plan Is Restoring Pakistan’s Lost Forests 

Dec 20, 2020 by

The government is in the first phase of planting 3.25 billion trees at an estimated cost of around 105 billion rupees ($650 million),...

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Cancel the Rent: A Rising National Rent Strike Movement Gains Momentum

Dec 17, 2020 by

In the absence of help from Congress, rent strikes have become a widespread response to brutal economic pressure. Source: Cancel the...

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Ellume covid test: FDA authorizes first rapid, over-the-counter home coronavirus test

Dec 16, 2020 by

Unlike previous home tests, this version does not require samples to be sent to a lab and can be taken without doctor’s orders by...

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New Zealand lifts all Covid restrictions, declaring the nation virus-free

Dec 15, 2020 by

New Zealand has reported no new Covid-19 cases for more than two weeks.Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters she did “a...

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Covid vaccine distribution by state: Tracking the doses

Dec 13, 2020 by

How many doses of the vaccine will be available in your state? Source: Covid vaccine distribution by state: Tracking the doses...

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‘Without Decency and Without Dignity’: German Newsweekly Der Spiegel Names Trump ‘Loser of the Year’ 

Dec 13, 2020 by

“The country is more divided than ever since the times of the Civil War. This is not a by-product of Trump’s politics, it...

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In Must-Watch Video, Greta Thunberg Warns Humanity ‘Still Speeding in Wrong Direction’ on Climate 

Dec 10, 2020 by

The global crisis, says the youth leader, “cannot be solved without system change. That’s no longer an opinion....

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New Research Shows ‘Pandemic Profits’ of Billionaires Could Fully Fund $3,000 Stimulus Checks for Every Person in US

Dec 9, 2020 by

“America’s billionaires could pay for a major Covid relief bill and still not lose a dime of their pre-virus...

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Georgia gets first solar roadway in the US

Dec 8, 2020 by

Located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Peachtree Corners installed solar panels in a section of its Technology Parkway, which also...

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Argentina Approves Tax on Millionaires to Fund COVID-19 Recovery

Dec 7, 2020 by

Senators passed the bill, which imposes a tax of at least 2% on individuals with assets worth more than $2.45 million, by a margin of...

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American Medical Association, the Nation’s Largest Group of Doctors, Deems Racism a ‘Public Health Threat’ 

Dec 6, 2020 by

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten hard-hit minority communities, the nation’s largest association of doctors has...

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Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Favor Raising Taxes on Incomes Over $400K 

Dec 3, 2020 by

A majority of respondents—regardless of political affiliation—also back tuition-free college for students whose families...

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Why These Countries Value Happiness Over Endless Economic Growth

Dec 3, 2020 by

Some countries are rejecting an obsession with GDP and finding different ways to measure success. Welcome to the happiness economy....

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No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time 

Dec 3, 2020 by

Singapore’s approval of chicken cells grown in bioreactors is seen as landmark moment across industry Source: No-kill, lab-grown meat...

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New Zealand Is Infusing Policing With A Social Work Philosophy 

Dec 2, 2020 by

Nimble, Culturally Nuanced And Collaborative, This Māori-Led Response Gets To The Roots Of Family Violence. Source: New Zealand Is...

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CDC vaccine advisers vote to recommend that health care staff and long term care facility residents get Covid-19 vaccine first

Dec 1, 2020 by

Vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted 13-1 on Tuesday to recommend that both health care...

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Six Environmental Heroes Awarded Goldman Prize for ‘Taking a Stand, Risking Their Lives and Livelihoods, and Inspiring Us’

Nov 30, 2020 by

This year’s recipients of the annual honor hail from the Bahamas, Ecuador, France, Ghana, Mexico, and Myanmar. Source: Six...

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China-led shift to electric vehicles to help end ‘oil era’: study

Nov 29, 2020 by

An aggressive China-led shift to electric vehicles is expected to slash global oil demand growth by 70% by 2030 and will help bring...

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Thanksgiving Is Time for Reparations 

Nov 26, 2020 by

“Though lives cannot be brought back, the only compensation for land is land.” Source: Thanksgiving Is Time for...

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Scotland is making tampons and pads free 

Nov 25, 2020 by

Scotland has become the first country to allow free and universal access to menstrual products, including tampons and pads, in public...

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3rd Major COVID-19 Vaccine Shown to Be Effective and Cheaper

Nov 24, 2020 by

rugmaker AstraZeneca said Monday that late-stage trials showed its COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, buoying the prospects of a...

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How Norway Built an Economy That Puts People First 

Nov 23, 2020 by

The national ethos of economic equity was decades in the making. Source: How Norway Built an Economy That Puts People First | Common...

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Across the Country, Voters Remove Racist Symbols and Language from Founding Documents 

Nov 22, 2020 by

Throughout American history, dynamic moments of change are often interspersed with long, slow periods of struggle, Luckett said. The...

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Nov 19, 2020 by

A new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates wind and solar capacity will double over the next five years...

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FDA authorizes first rapid Covid-19 self-testing kit for at-home diagnosis 

Nov 18, 2020 by

The Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit is a molecular single-use test available by prescription for self-diagnosis of the...

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Greenpeace Releases Far-Reaching ‘Just Recovery Agenda’ to Tackle Interlocking Crises of Inequality, Racial Injustice, Covid-19, and Climate Chaos 

Nov 17, 2020 by

We must “shift from an economy that is extractive and exploitative to one that regenerates and repairs,” the new report...

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Count on Biden to Restore the National Monuments Trump Trashed 

Nov 16, 2020 by

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President–elect Kamala Harris have vowed to not only restore the Utah monuments, but...

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Record Number Of Women Of Color Are Headed To Congress 

Nov 15, 2020 by

At least 50 women of color (including 46 Democrats) will serve in the next Congress, breaking the previous record of 48 set in the...

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This City Makes Sure No One Goes Hungry 

Nov 12, 2020 by

By long ago prioritizing residents’ right to healthy food, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has been able to keep food flowing during the...

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Republicans and Democrats Agree: End the War on Drugs

Nov 10, 2020 by

Voters in red and blue states may be in accord on nothing else, but they passed measures to liberalize drug laws. Source: Opinion |...

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How To Practice Kindness Every Day. 

Nov 9, 2020 by

Houston Kraft, a kindness advocate, wrote “Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think, Talk, and Act in...

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‘Historic Day’: Jubilation as Evo Morales Returns to Bolivia One Year After Military Coup 

Nov 9, 2020 by

Twelve months after being driven into exile by right-wing forces, socialist former president Evo Morales was “received by the...

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Mississippi’s new magnolia flag starting to fly after vote

Nov 8, 2020 by

A new Mississippi flag without Confederate images was flying in parts of the state on Wednesday, one day after 68% of voters approved...

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Top 6 Progressive Victories on Election Day – Whatever Happens

Nov 5, 2020 by

Although all eyes are on the presidential election as I put this column to bed, it is worthwhile tallying up the progressive...

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Deutsche Bank May Seize Trump’s Assets If He Loses and Fails to Repay Debt

Nov 4, 2020 by

Trump has long relied heavily on the German-based financial giant, and he currently owes the bank about $340 million. Source:...

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Social Movements Can Win Even With A Hostile Supreme Court 

Nov 3, 2020 by

But as our movements grow and aim higher, these good instincts run up against conventional wisdom about the courts and their supposed...

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Unions’ Joint Statement Demands That Every Vote Count, as Leaders Outline Steps to Protect Integrity of Election

Nov 2, 2020 by

Unions commit to take whatever non-violent action is required—up to and including a general strike—to ensure a free and...

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This City Stopped Sending Police to Every 911 Call 

Oct 29, 2020 by

Riding along with the civilian “crisis responders” of Olympia, Washington. Source: This City Stopped Sending Police to Every 911 Call...

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The Significance Of The Nuclear Ban Treaty 

Oct 29, 2020 by

This treaty represents the moral voice of humanity. It may not have a universal enforcement mechanism, but it clearly states that the...

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7 Criminal Justice Ballot Initiatives to Watch on Election Day

Oct 28, 2020 by

After months of protests over police violence, these ballot proposals could be a litmus test for voters. Source: 7 Criminal Justice...

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Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador Lead On Decolonial Constitutional Change 

Oct 27, 2020 by

Legalizing the world we need: social movements with constitutional visions. Source: Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador Lead On Decolonial...

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‘Victory for Humanity’: Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons to Take Effect as Honduras Becomes 50th Nation to Ratify 

Oct 26, 2020 by

The United States has not ratified the treaty and the Trump administration is actively urging nations to withdraw from it. Source:...

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‘Act of radical defiance’: Groups unite to again post millions of dollars in bond to free immigrants

Oct 25, 2020 by

For the second year in a row, organizations are uniting to free hundreds of people from dangerous and inhumane immigration detention...

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Angela Davis – One of The New York Times Five Greats 

Oct 22, 2020 by

Before the world knew what intersectionality was, the scholar, writer and activist was living it, arguing not just for Black...

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Pope Francis Signals ‘Historic’ Shift for Catholic Church, Publicly Supporting Civil Unions for Same-Sex Couples

Oct 21, 2020 by

The pope won praise for “pushing the Church into the 21st Century.” Source: Pope Francis Signals ‘Historic’...

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Investing $2 Trillion in US Clean Energy and Infrastructure Could Create Millions of ‘Good Jobs,’ Analysis Finds 

Oct 20, 2020 by

“We don’t have to choose between a strong economy or a healthy environment—we can have both,” says an EPI...

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Death Row Exonerees: behind a powerful photo project on injustice 

Oct 19, 2020 by

Martin Schoeller’s devastating new exhibition captures the faces and stories of Americans accused of crimes they didn’t commit...

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The Squad Is Growing: A New Crew of Left Challengers Is Bringing Movement Politics to Congress 

Oct 18, 2020 by

It’s not just AOC, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib. This crop of organizers-turned-politicians—alongside the Squad—plans to...

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California Is Ready To Pilot A Postal Banking Solution 

Oct 15, 2020 by

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is under attack and at grave risk. But with that many Americans are awakening to both the value of the...

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Is It Time to Call in the UN Elections Monitors?

Oct 14, 2020 by

Republicans have said vote-by-mail will be a problem—and in California, they seem determined to make it so. Source: Is It Time...

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‘So What Are You Waiting For?’ Say Climate Campaigners After IEA Says Solar Now ‘Cheapest Electricity’ in Human History 

Oct 13, 2020 by

Solar “is on track to set new records for deployment every year after 2022.” Source: ‘So What Are You Waiting...

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Calls Grows in US to Make Indigenous Peoples’ Day a Federal Holiday 

Oct 12, 2020 by

“Federal holidays should celebrate our heritage and culture, but also honor the struggles that led to society as we know...

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‘While There Is Hunger, We Will Never Have a Peaceful World’: Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to UN World Food Programme 

Oct 11, 2020 by

“We will never achieve the goal of zero hunger unless we also put an end to war and armed conflict,” said the Nobel...

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David Attenborough and Prince William are launching the Earthshot prize

Oct 8, 2020 by

SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH has partnered with Prince William to launch the Earthshot Prize, which they define as the “Nobel Prize for...

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Gavin Newsom press conference: California to dedicate 30% of its land to conservation by 2030 

Oct 8, 2020 by

Newsom said the executive order codifies efforts already underway “to preserve and protect over 30% of the state’s...

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Venice holds back the water for first time in 1,200 years 

Oct 7, 2020 by

The defense system is called MOSE, the Italian for Moses, a name derived from the more functional Modulo Sperimentale...

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‘Never Seen This Many People Voting So Far Ahead’: Despite GOP Suppression Ploys, Early Voting Setting Records 

Oct 6, 2020 by

More than four million Americans have already cast ballots, with 28 days to go until Election Day. Source: ‘Never Seen This...

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Gay men overwhelm Twitter taking back #ProudBoys and it is glorious

Oct 5, 2020 by

On Sunday, the LGBTQ community online decided to take back the hashtag of the #ProudBoys and use it to celebrate some of the more...

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California Becomes First State to Ban 24 Toxic Chemicals From Cosmetics 

Oct 4, 2020 by

The Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, or Assembly Bill 2762, targets 24 toxic chemicals including mercury and formaldehyde that have been...

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2020 Right Livelihood Laureates Honored for Fighting ‘Increasing Threats to Democracy’ Across Globe 

Oct 1, 2020 by

Human rights defenders in Iran, the U.S., Nicaragua, and Belarus were recognized this year for what is known as the...

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California developing plan to grant reparations to Black Americans 

Sep 30, 2020 by

California will develop a detailed plan for reparations under a new law signed on Wednesday by Gov. Gavin Newsom, making it the first...

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Despite COVID-19, Young People Resume Global Climate Strikes

Sep 28, 2020 by

Harvey writes: School pupils, youth activists, and communities around the world have turned out for a day of climate strikes,...

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‘Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Carbon Solution’: New Paper Outlines Vision for Climate Action 

Sep 28, 2020 by

“Data from farming and grazing studies show the power of exemplary regenerative systems that, if achieved globally, would...

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Saudi Arabia, World’s Last Absolute Monarchy, Challenged by New Democratic Political Party

Sep 27, 2020 by

f the National Assembly Party, which they intend as an opposition party working for a rule of law and separation of powers in the...

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California to phase out sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035

Sep 24, 2020 by

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order that will require new cars sold in the state to be electric or otherwise zero-emissions....

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Finland to Deploy Coronavirus-Sniffing Dogs at Helsinki Airport

Sep 23, 2020 by

The voluntary canine tests will deliver results within 10 seconds, and require less than a minute of travelers’ time, said Anna...

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Be First Woman Ever To Lie In State At U.S. Capitol 

Sep 22, 2020 by

Rosa Parks, a private citizen, lay in honor at the Capitol in 2005, the only woman to date who has done so. Source: Ruth Bader...

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Miami Dolphins Social Impact Committee Gives $100,000 to Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s Fines and Fees Program 

Sep 21, 2020 by

the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Fines and Fees program, which assists returning citizens who have outstanding fees to...

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Why some US cities are plotting a ‘green recovery’ after the pandemic 

Sep 20, 2020 by

Cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and New Orleans are aiming to tackle another, longer-term emergency — the climate crisis...

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Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy” 

Sep 17, 2020 by

Prioritizing short-term profits over everything else has created a system that is consuming itself to extinction. Here’s what an...

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It’s Time to Repeal the President’s License for Endless War

Sep 16, 2020 by

Lee writes: More Americans have now died from COVID-19 than from the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Yet the...

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UN Biodiversity Report Urges 8 Transitions Needed to Restore Essential Ecosystems Impacted by Humanity

Sep 15, 2020 by

“We can no longer afford to cast nature aside. Now is the time for this massive step up—conserving, restoring, and using...

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To Counter ‘Misinformation Flowing From the Highest Levels,’ ACLU Launches Voter Preparedness Campaign

Sep 14, 2020 by

“We’re calling on voters to make a plan, request their ballot where they can, and to encourage their friends to do the...

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Sept 19: A Nationwide Day of Protest, and of Dialogue on Community Control of Police 

Sep 13, 2020 by

Community control puts us on the path to both defunding and abolishing the police – so why are many  Black Lives Matter chapters...

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Rhode Island’s Progressive Wave Was Four Years in the Making 

Sep 13, 2020 by

In 2016, a WFP-backed candidate unseated Rhode Island’s House majority leader. Insurgents have been making progress ever since....

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Clean Electricity Plan Would Free US Economy of Carbon Dependence in 15 Years

Sep 10, 2020 by

A new engineering plan to avert the climate emergency would create millions of new jobs and save U.S. families money. Source: Clean...

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What Black Lives Matter Has Accomplished 

Sep 9, 2020 by

Not since Reconstruction has there been such an opportunity for the advancement of racial justice. Source: What Black Lives Matter...

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WikiLeaks Launches Bibliography 

Sep 8, 2020 by

Thus, the WikiLeaks Bibliography  is officially launching September 1, 2020. It is designed to be a resource for readers of all...

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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders ‘Labor Day’ Speech and Town Hall to Honor Workers and Grow Movement 

Sep 7, 2020 by

Former presidential candidate and progressive champion will address “the current desperation of the American working class, the...

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Largest US retailers reject GMO salmon as court pressure builds

Sep 6, 2020 by

Walmart, Costco, Albertsons, Kroger, Ahold, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, Sprouts, Giant Eagle, Meijer and Target...

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43 Green Groups Demand Moderators Make Climate Crisis ‘Central Focus’ of 2020 Presidential Debates 

Sep 3, 2020 by

“In 2016, there was not a single question on climate change in any of the four presidential and vice-presidential...

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Giga Initiative Aims to Connect the World’s Schools to the Internet 

Sep 2, 2020 by

Giga Initiative Aims to Connect the World’s Schools to the Internet. As COVID-19 deepens the digital divide, UNICEF and...

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Do I Need To Call The Police? 

Sep 1, 2020 by

George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice — police killed each of them after someone dialed 911 to report a...

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5 actions to take to ensure our votes are counted

Aug 31, 2020 by

voter suppression tactics, which impact Black, brown, and young voters the most, are surging across the country.We all have an...

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The 2020 March on Washington channels Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, 57 years later

Aug 30, 2020 by

Channeling Martin Luther King Jr., protesters against police violence gathered at the Lincoln Memorial Friday. Source: The 2020 March...

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Why Cuban Doctors Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Aug 27, 2020 by

 Since the 1960s, over 400,000 Cuban doctors have worked in over 40 countries. These health workers believe in the twin missions of...

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Global and Local Events on International Day of Peace, September 21, 2020

Aug 26, 2020 by

The International Day of Peace was first celebrated in 1982, and is recognized by many nations and organizations with events all over...

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‘We Want Justice’: Mass Demonstrations and Marches Erupt Nationwide to Protest Police Shooting of Jacob Blake 

Aug 25, 2020 by

“The video that came out of Kenosha is absolutely horrific. I don’t understand how people can watch it and not be...

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Why Is It Always the Wrong Time to Criticize Democrats From the Left?

Aug 24, 2020 by

Progressives are being told by the Democratic Party to shut up until after the election. Meanwhile, corporate Democrats are...

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Today Is Earth Overshoot Day, Here’s What It Means

Aug 24, 2020 by

From today onwards, we have used every last bit of natural resources that Earth can provide within one calendar year and are now...

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Economic Benefits of Protecting 30% of Planet’s Land and Ocean Outweigh the Costs at Least 5-to-1 

Aug 23, 2020 by

First-of-its-kind report shows the global economy is better off with more nature protected Source: Economic Benefits of Protecting...

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Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton and the Chicks: In one week, three generations of country singers challenge the genre’s conservative stereotypes 

Aug 20, 2020 by

The Chicks will perform at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, a rarity for a country group. Source: Taylor Swift,...

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AOC Was the Highlight of DNC’s Night Two Despite Speaking Just 97 Seconds

Aug 19, 2020 by

Imagine if Ocasio-Cortez had been given the same amount of time as Republicans, or even the commercials CNN ran. Source: AOC Was the...

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The Path Forward For Progressives After Bernie Sanders

Aug 18, 2020 by

Biden, who is set to become the official Democratic presidential nominee on Thursday, was never of the left, won in spite of the left...

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 Political Tide Begins to Turn in Postal Service Crisis 

Aug 17, 2020 by

This has become the biggest political story in America, and with the Postal Service generally beloved, from that standpoint I’d...

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Austin City Council votes to cut police department budget by one-third, reinvest money in social services

Aug 13, 2020 by

The vote to cut the police budget came after officers and the city’s top cop faced months of criticism over the killing of an unarmed...

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