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Maria Alexe

Maria Alexe is the owner and curator of ARTCITY Gallery in Bucharest, Romania, and the President of Romanian Soroptimist Union. She’s an English language and cultural studies lecturer at “Politehnica” University Bucharest, with a PhD in cultural studies. She applies her knowledge and skills  on expanding cross cultural and intercultural experiences for her students, the artists she represents and the public she educates. Her dedication to promoting social issues is reflected in each of the events she curates:  Topics such as fighting against violence, environmental protection, and saving historical monuments have been featured by the artists she promotes through ArtCity. She aims to  change mentalities and to promote equal opportunity. As a curator Maria Alexe organized more than 100 exhibitions where more than 50 artists were exhibited.

Maria enjoys creating successful collaborations such as that between ArtCity and Soroptimist International of Romania. She also organized an exhibition entitled Living Water / Dead Water in collaboration with the UNESCO Commission for Romania.


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