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Uncolonized Latinas: Transforming Our Mindsets And Rising Together

Valeria Aloe’s Uncolonized Latinas: Transforming our Mindsets and Rising Together  lays out an unprecedented, detailed map of the Latino mindset and what is holding the community back from achieving its highest potential. It chronicles some of the many challenges Latinas, women of color and women in general experience navigating the still testosterone-driven climate of business and the increasingly racist and discriminatory divides that are still all too prevalent. Along the way we meet immigrant Latinas and daughters of immigrants who, through trials and tribulations, have uncolonized their limiting mindsets and have found success in their lives and careers.

This book guides us to:

  • Embrace our individual and collective greatness, as we honor our stories and our ancestry.
  • Become more aware of the limiting cultural narratives that have been running us.
  • As a Latina, thrive in your career and life from a place of self-esteem, as you learn from those Latinas who figured out how to navigate the system.
  • As an Ally, feel confident and become more effective when mentoring diverse talent

Through this journey we can learn how to experience transformational change—open our heart, mind, and eyes.



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