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From Self-Talk to Soul-Talk: Becoming More of Who You Truly Are

Grounded in ancient wisdom and adapted to modern times, From Self-Talk to Soul-Talk: Becoming More of Who You Truly Are offers a profound yet practical guide for living your best life, to living a Soul-Centered life. With his deep attunement to the Spirit in all of us and his wealth of experience as the founder of Insight Seminars, Russell Bishop provides a practical framework from which we can learn and grow, offering a wealth of tips, meditations, affirmations, and exercises, guiding us on an uplifting journey leading to what we truly want to experience in life. Meaningful stories, experiences and exercises provide us with just what we need to stay on course and in balance in these turbulent times.

Russell translates the profound spiritual principles and foundations that led him to create Insight Seminars into a practical guide for day-to-day living. From Self-Talk to Soul-Talk is an easy-to-understand handbook for how to create and live your life from the inside out. His wisdom and insight combined with practical exercises and approaches moves accessing your true inner voice out of the mysterious and into an every-day experience. Russell guides you into an intimate relationship with the best part of who you truly are.

Whether you are on “on the path”, want to “find God”, or just want to enjoy life to the fullest, you will find this book to be immensely valuable and practical. If you have always wanted a personal coach or mentor to guide you into greater personal growth and spiritual awareness, but did not have the time or money, you now have one.

You can download a free chapter here.

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