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Days for Girls

Days for Girls (DfG) provides holistic menstrual health education, increases access to menstrual products, trains Social Entrepreneurs and advances global menstrual equity through partnerships with governments and health coalitions. DFG operates worldwide, on every continent except Antarctica.

DfG is proud to be an award-winning NGO dedicated to ending period poverty. Period poverty is a term used to describe the struggle that many women and girls face because they lack access to adequate menstrual health management supplies and education, and it can have serious consequences.

Menstrual Products:

It all starts with a DfG Pad: the basic unit of a Days for Girls Kit. A DfG Pad contains one waterproof shield and two absorbent liners. The patented design, is backed by the latest menstrual health research and a decade of feedback from women around the world. It is washable and reusable, a truly sustainable solution that menstruators can count on month after month, for up to three years.

Days for Girls Kits contain the DfG pad; a care & use guide with visual instructions for how to care for DfG products and track menstrual cycles; carry pouch made of water-resistant fabric to discreetly and safely stow used liners while on the go; underwear for menstruators who may have few or no pairs; soap & washcloths for personal and DfG product care; and drawstring bags made of beautiful locally sourced fabrics, provide a fashionable tote for DfG products and other everyday essentials.

The DfG Menstrual Cup is FDA approved, made of medical grade silicone, and has been reported by users to last up to 10 years. It comes with a washing cup (for sanitizing) and a satin bag for storage.

It doesn’t fit in a bag, but DfG always includes health education during all Kit distributions. Education is a vital component to menstrual equity. Whether purchased directly by a customer from the community or distributed through a school or organization, DfG education seeks to shatter the shame and stigma associated with menstruation.

DfG Education Services:

Ambassadors of Women’s Health Training (AWH) is an online course perfect for Days for Girls leaders, those distributing DfG Kits and official partners. It qualifies users to deliver the education sessions that accompany every distribution of DfG Kits, using the DfG Ambassador of Women’s Health flip-chart with confidence.

Men Who Know (MWK) is sn online course perfect for Social Entrepreneurs, those distributing DfG Kits and official partners. It qualifies users to deliver education sessions for men and boys, using the DfG Ambassador of Men’s Health flip-chart with confidence.

DfG Direct is perfect if you or your organization has tight bandwidth and desires to outsource menstrual health education to expert partners.

Social Entrepreneurship:

Days for Girls recognizes that local leaders are best positioned to drive sustainable, long-lasting change in their communities. The DfG Social Entrepreneurship program equips women and men with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to do exactly that! Days for Girls Social Entrepreneurs around the world manufacture DfG Kits and provide stigma-shattering health information to their communities. They promote menstrual health and hygiene policies and economic climates that allow DfG Enterprises and communities to thrive. As DfG Social Entrepreneurs, local leaders are able to serve menstruators in their countries while also earning an income. It’s a win-win system that uplifts and transforms communities from the inside out. DfG Social Entrepreneurs who have completed the Social Entrepreneurship Program establish DfG Enterprises in their communities.

Policy and Advocacy:

To create meaningful impact that lasts, Days for Girls pursues advocacy work that shifts social norms and creates more supportive policy environments for menstruators worldwide. From campaigning and capacity-building to cultivating strategic partnerships, our advocacy efforts are critical to shifting the menstrual health space in a way that stands the test of time.

Opportunities for Involvement:

Our work is powered by passionate stakeholders around the globe, including donors, volunteers and partners. Join us in building a more equitable world for women and girls – there are so many ways to get involved! Please review the options listed below to learn more and contact us at if you have any questions.

Ways to Give

There are endless options for supporting Days for Girls – from peer-to-peer fundraising to employer matching and legacy gifts. Choose your own adventure here.


Our Chapters, Teams and Clubs unite to spread awareness, raise funds, sew DfG washable pads and elevate the efforts of locally-run Social Enterprises. DfG advocacy volunteers and partners lend their time and talents to advance menstrual health policy in their communities.

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