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WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled

This entertaining and enlightening selection of Laurel Airica’s WordMagic verse takes the reader/listener on a novel journey through the hidden philosophy in the English language ‘cymbal’ and sound system. It illuminates the ways in which the words we use shape the world we perceive and consequently create. It also hints at the author’s elemental/transcendental relationship with the English language (which she began exploring in early childhood).

The accompanying CD is a recording of Laurel’s recitation –– with original music behind her voice composed and engineered by Benjamin Brown of OddioWorks. Album is also on Spotify and iTunes.

Comments from the back of the book:

“You are brilliant!” Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founding Minister of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

“Congratulations! I am so glad you are finally receiving credit for your brilliant thinking.” Dr. Leonard Shlain, author of The Alphabet vs. the Goddess (and three other best-sellers).

“You are a modern-day Shakespeare.” Carol Sutherland, PhD

“If Dr. Seuss and William Shakespeare had a child, it would be Laurel.” Michael Teal

“You really have created your own voice that reveals so wondrously the ineffable and overlooked obvious in everything. You heal with your words, wisdom and gentle humor. Bravo, my dear Laurel. It really struck me as Ogden Nash meets the fairy godmother & Buddha.”

Leigh McCloskey, Artist, Author, Actor | Official Website

“You’re the M.C. Escher of poetry.” Attorney at a poetry reading

“Bravo, Laurel. Your WordMagic is worthy of the best of James Joyce.” Andy Covets, Literary Connoisseur

“Divine! Thank goodness no spiritual cliches – but deeply and uniquely spiritual. I soared and swam in the magic of her poetry and deep insights of truth and language. As a poet and writing instructor, myself, my admiration is a Full Golden Moon.” Rachelle Beneveniste

“Laurel is a remarkable creative soul and lyric poet with profound and very humorous insights into the human condition and the way words shape and determine what we think possible and real. Her WordMagic will delight and engage you and definitely have you listening more deeply to the hidden implications in the way we use words and define ourselves with them.” Carla McCloskey, TV & Film Director, and author

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