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WordMagic Global

WordMagic is a revolutionary form of wordplay that dazzles English-speaking audiences everywhere. In vibrant verse and spontaneous, spellbinding speech, nimble verbal gymnast Laurel Airica performs depth-defying feats with ordinary words that will trance•form the way you view the Whirled forever.


Laurel’s mystic-linguistic perspective on English stirs the hearts and minds of people of all ages and levels of literary sophistication.  Her verse has drawn comparisons with Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss, Nabokov and Ogden Nash.


“Laurel – YOU ARE THE BOOK! No book can replace your skill and love of the spoken word.” Jay Balter, Business consultant


“Yes, you are the one and only WordMagic Diva. And I do not say/think/write that title for you in vain. There will be no one on this planet who can do what you do –– and so utterly eloquently, magically and cleverly.” Diana Aylward, author/coach


Current Available Products:
WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled (comes with a CD)


Horsing Around: The Inside Word on Marriage and Horses –– a coffee-table book


The Book of E: A Book of Alphabet Alchemy (free e-book for website subscribers)


Animation Soon to be Posted on
eSoterica by Laurel Airica: The Definitive Exegesis on the Letter S in Verse


Your generous contributions will enable Laurel to complete and publish a number of essential works in a variety of forms. These include curricula and stories for young learners; animations and illustrations of her WordMagic verse; a book of philosophy through wordplay entitled, We DO Come with Instructions; a treatise on her linguistic discoveries and their wide-ranging implications; a book of essays introducing obscure words that expand our sense of human possibilities; a book of memoir vignettes; and her metaphoric/allegoric faerieography, The wRites of Passion of Philomela Nightingale: A Faerie’s Tale. 


wRites of Passion, which is told in verse and prose, is about an eLeMeN-tal being who goes Through the Looking Glass into this dimension and has to deconstruct the language to find her way back home again. You can view Chapter One here.


Given Laurel’s current age –– and the pressing need for a revitalization of the English language and human consciousness concurrently –– your support of Laurel’s creative endeavors will contribute both to her productivity and to the gifts she will be able to contribute to posterity.


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