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World Wheel

World Wheel, Global Peace Through the Arts, is an artistic forum for global understanding consisting of environmental stone sculptures, performance events, nature reserves, and wisdom centers circling the globe. By working through the arts with local artists, performers and community, founding director Vijali Hamilton addresses the local community’s personal, spiritual, social, and environmental concerns. The project works toward global peace by developing awareness of community and the notion of world family.

Vijali started her World Wheel Project in 1986 to further explore the role that community-based art can play in building a world at peace.  Her first World Wheel project was a seven-year spiritual and artistic pilgrimage during which she circled the globe on the 34th latitudinal parallel, creating monumental stone sculptures and community-based ceremony performances in twelve countries. Some of the countries were the Middle East, India, Tibet, China, Siberia and Japan.

In 1999 she began the second World Wheel, Global Peace through the Arts. The first sites are the Andes and the Amazon of Ecuador, Senegal Africa, Australia and the Republic of Georgia. In the course of this second World Wheel, she established a World Wheel Project for the Homeless Youth of Los Angeles.

World Wheel’s tax exempt fiscal sponsor is The Seeds Project. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to support the work of World Wheel, please:

  1. Make check payable to The Seeds Project / World Wheel
  2. In the memo field, write “World Wheel donation.”  If you have a specific project of the World Wheel you would like your donation applied to, write it in the “for” line at the bottom of your check.
  3. Send check to:
    Vijali Hamilton
    662 Alta Vista Street, Suite D-18
    Santa Fe, NM 87505
  4. Or make a PayPal donation to World Wheel.


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