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Wild Flower– The True Story of a Romanian Girl in Africa (special edition)

This Special Edition of Dr. Nina Smart’s book Wild Flower– The True Story of a Romanian Girl in Africa  benefits Soroptimist International President’s Appeal because the book exemplifies SIPA’s mission of advocacy on topics affecting women and girls, in this case female genital mutilation (FGM).  President Sharon Fisher, who picked FGM as one of the six issues addressed in her President’s Appeal, provides a heartfelt quote that encourages the reader to journey into the world described by Nina in her book.  Furthermore, the Director of Advocacy, Bev Bucur, highlights the importance of Nina’s story to appeal to collective action needed to end FGM.  Soroptimists from around the world, including past Presidents and governors, have endorsed this incredible story of perseverance and courage, and some of the quotes are printed on the back cover of the book. What makes this Special Edition even more enticing is that Dr. Smart donates 50% of proceeds to SIPA’s programs that aim to end FGM in Africa.

The story of Nina Smart’s life in Africa reads like a thriller. At the tender age of 11 Geanina is asked to choose between her white Romanian family and the father she didn’t know, a black diplomat from Africa. Her choices send her spiraling down towards initiation into a secret society where girls have to undergo female genital mutilation. While in Africa, Nigeria teaches her how to be rebellious , Sierra Leone tests her courage, and America presents her an opportunity.

Her story is inspiring for all ages and it is not a surprise that a New York based Opera company is creating a stage production that will share Nina’s story with the world.

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