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Elena Timofticiuc

Elena Timofticiuc is Executive Secretary of AIDRom–the Ecumenical Association of Churches from Romania, as well as a loving daughter and wife and proud mother of two.  She lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

Elena began her work with AIDRom in 1990 after the Romanian revolution, on the Womens’ desk.  Beginning in 1992, her work has been dedicated to the recognition of  human rights in Romania, especially of women, victims of violence and trafficking for sexual or labor exploitation. She tirelessly searched for international collaborations that helped fund projects aimed to assist the interdisciplinary approach needed to protect, support and empower women and their families.  Her dedication and enthusiasm continue to shine through in her work.

Since 2012, when Romania started to receive more and more refugees, she has focused more on migration, and especially on women migrants’ rights. The two shelters opened by AIDRom offer women refugees and their children the opportunity to lead a decent life. Programs that aid women migrants include everything from learning the new language, much needed psychological assistance, free legal help, life skills building as well as empowering them through education and assisting with job searches.  Elena was instrumental in establishing AIDRom’s most recent partnership with Soroptimist International which aims to educate and empower women migrants who are integrating in the Romanian society by providing free access to vocational training.  A woman of integrity, Mrs. Timofticiuc is dedicated to changing lives and inspiring others to enthusiastically lend a helping hand.

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