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WomenSport International

WomenSport International (WSI) was formed in 1994 to meet the challenge of ensuring that sport and physical activity receive the attention and priority they deserve in the lives of women and girls. The main purpose of WSI is to serve as an umbrella organization that can bring about positive change for girls and women. Our advocacy is strongly based on current research.

WSI has a track record of success in securing change based on its evidence-based approach to advocacy and aspirations of women and girls at each life stage and its determination to break down stubborn gender inequalities through its work within the sports sector and beyond. The researcher Founders brought expert and sector leading insight to drive innovation. Our research-based policy recommendations are providing impactful solutions to tackle gender inequalities, and our campaigning is empowering more women and girls to be active through influencing the male dominated organizations in power in the sport sector. Our aspiration is to give every women and girl the opportunity to take part in sport and inspire her to do so.

By ensuring girls and women stay engaged in sport and physical activity throughout the lifespan, raising the profile of gender inequality, working to change the culture of sport to eradicate sexism and discrimination, challenging gender stereotypes, and working with diverse communities to ensure all voices are heard, we can begin to breakdown these stubborn inequalities.

  • We believe that sport transforms lives
  • We believe that gender stereotypes and institutional bias are holding girls and women back in life and sport; and that it is wrong to deny women and girls access to sport
  • We believe that inclusive sport can help tackle social and economic inequalities
  • We believe that the distinct physicality and needs of women and girls must be reflected in sport

We have research reports and publications, a website and social media presence and podcasts to share our research and insights; especially within the context of global influencers such as UN Women and UNESCO we partner with other organizations to create more opportunities for women in sport; and our campaigns influence schools and policy makers to make sport available to all. If you’re interested in finding out how WomenSport International can work with you, contact  us at

As an independent non-governmental organization, we gratefully accept donations via our website.

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