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Lamia El Sadek

Lamia El Sadek, Ph.D has served as Managing Director of Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization based in Los Angeles, since 2017. In her role, she oversees the organization’s operational structure and strategic direction through development opportunities, policy planning, communications, and community building. Lamia began her career in business development and finance, but after working as a regional finance manager for a large for-profit corporation, she decided to pursue her true passion and work in the nonprofit sector.

Working in international development and aid has shown Lamia the impact of colonialism and the detrimental history of mass criminalization of people of color. The lack of access to opportunities has a direct correlation to the most marginalized communities in our nation. “The work that Dignity and Power Now does is so powerful – not only on a national scale, but on the global scale of creating communities that are sustainable without the use of law enforcement,’ says Dr. El-Sadek.

She has worked throughout Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Europe on issues ranging from economic development, refugee rights, to gender equity and youth empowerment. Lamia previously worked with PepsiCo, IBM, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), Plan, and the Education for Employment Foundation. In 2010, Lamia was among an international humanitarian delegation to Gaza. In 2016 and 2017, Lamia was a speaker at the United Nation’s CSW on ‘Economic Empowerment and Equity of Marginalized Groups’ globally.

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