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International Institute of Tolerance

The International Institute of Tolerance (IIT) was founded on the principle of Justice and Equity. Its services are religious and charitable, and grounded in the Islamic faith. One of the principal aims of the Institute is to integrate Muslim Americans into our pluralistic American society. The Institute is focused on working in harmony with other faith groups and civic organizations to enhance our collective futures. The Institute provides religious, educational, and social services to advance justice and promote compassion. Outside its religious services, the Institute’s charitable intent can be found in its outreach program. This is the essence of the Islamic value system which drives the Institute’s role and functions.

One way ITT brings people together is by working on projects of benefit to the greater community. In order to do this IIT has established important collaborative partnerships with various organizations and agencies that define their mission. This is evident in 2 of their programs “Building Bridges” and “Joining Hands” to promote justice. For example, one of their projects in the area of women’s empowerment is to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM), partnering with DHS for human trafficking, helping families and children with DCFS, and being a support against domestic violence.

Another program is feeding the homeless in partnership with the Los Angeles Mission. IIT serves over 1,200 hot meals a month to the homeless community downtown. After the pandemic made direct contact impossible, ITT delivers the ingredients twice a month, and the LA Mission serves the meals.

Although based in Carson, ITT has a global reach. There is a weekly online international prayer vigil, and projects can develop from that. For example, after a fire in Senegal, members of ITT came together to help the widows and orphans.

Religious services offered by IIT include daily congregational prayers, Friday sermons, Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan, observance of Spiritual Nights every Thursday Nights, Qaderi Khatam every alternate Friday night, festivities, special prayer services, counseling, marriage, and burial rites. Under the leadership of the Imam Qari Ashraf Carrim, IIT ensures the spiritual well-being of its congregation. We offer spiritual, family, marriage, stress, and grief counseling, and undertake hospital visits for the sick. IIT also offers DCFS interpreter services for Muslim clients, and regularly refers members to agencies to seek help that cannot be given by us. We also issue quarterly Newsletters for the benefit of the community. IIT also supports local businesses of our congregants in our area.

IIT’s services are now remote and online as a response to the Covid19 pandemic.

ITT gratefully accepts donations.


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