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TIM.TV, The Immigrant Magazine TV, is an online TV channel that celebrates the contributions of immigrants to the American society as well as exploring their lifestyles and experiences. Topics explored include: Immigration, education, career, entertainment, travel, family, culture, parenting, profiles of immigrant achievers and celebrities etc. Inclusive of the diversity that represents the fabric of America today, TIM TV  will not only change the way America perceives immigrants and increase tolerance, but also provide entertainment as no other TV channel has done in the U.S.A.

Founded by Pamela Anchang, The Immigrant Magazine Inc. has served companies and institutions such as Walt Disney, The City of Los Angeles, AIDS Walk NY/LA, The Hollywood Carnival, MoneyGram International, Los Angeles Metro, multiple small businesses, famous ethnic film festivals and multi-cultural events in Los Angeles for outreach to immigrant communities.

TIM TV is ready to launch its  signature show of 50 episodes  called IMpact that is focused on how immigrants and Americans discuss life in America today. There are also 17 episodes of  Africa Speaks, a TV series that is focused on celebrity and social influencers of African descent with  world renowned Senegalese American artist Akon and many other influencers discussing issues from a very organic and honest perspective about matters relevant to Africa and its diaspora scheduled for release on this network. Asia Speaks, Latino Speaks, Europe Speaks, Middle East Speaks etc. and a weekly commentary of news items about issues affecting immigrants with Pamela and other key immigrant influencers will be featured on this channel.

You can support this vision by subscribing for free to TIM.TV, and also contributing or volunteering your time or resources  by contacting  TIM.TV accepts advertising from businesses that can benefit from access to ethnic markets, and it serves as a hub for content creators. We are looking for producers, content creators of immigrant heritage looking for a platform for distribution, philanthropists and  angel investors interested in contributing towards changing the narrative about the values immigrants contribute in America and the world at large. We will greatly appreciate grants we could use to produce and market compelling content that will enhance the impact of immigrants in America today. If you find this vison and mission aligning with you, please join us with any resources you have so together we can change the narrative and make this world a better place for every human being.

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