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Pamela Anchang

Pamela Asobo Anchang is the founder and president of TIM.TV, The Immigrant Magazine TV, which provides a platform for immigrants in the United States.

Pamela was born in Cameroon, Africa, where she dreamed of becoming a journalist, and as a child she hosted a radio program called Children’s Magazine.  However, political upheavals made it impossible to pursue her dream in Cameroon, and she left for the United States in 1994.

Like many immigrants, Pamela struggled to integrate into the culture.  She became a foreign language and culture middle school teacher in Maryland, and in 1997 she relocated to California to join her husband Charles. In California she transitioned into a new career as a Microsoft Systems Engineer, but after a few years, she realized that she was not fulfilling her purpose.  Her dream was to write and speak about women’s issues and the immigrant struggle, and she embarked on making that dream a reality.

She created The Immigrant Magazine online in 2003 as a medium to publish her articles and provide informative resources to immigrants. In 2004 she started a free print publication that grew from 4 to 60 pages. In 2013, to achieve national circulation, the print magazine morphed into a daily web blog and weekly e-newsletter. This platform is currently being transformed into an online TV network that aggregates and distributes compelling digital content about immigrants in the US.

Pamela is the co-creator and host of IMPact With Pamela Anchang on KPFK Pacifica Radio for Los Angeles, Southern California, and the World. IMPact is not only a radio show but also a televised show whose mission is to bridge and bring America together through storytelling and meaningful dialog with one another. Pamela is also now on her way to realizing her vision of building a media empire for minority communities through her next project Africa Speaks, a TV show whose mission is to be the new home for showcasing the lifestyles, success stories, challenges and aspirations of African immigrants and people of African descent. All these shows will be distributed on The Immigrant Magazine’s YouTube channel TIM.TV, Voice of Immigrants In America.

Pamela is an ardent advocate for humane immigration reform and the movement to restore the misplaced dignity of immigrants. She has been chronicled by The Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio (NPR), The Africa Channel, and VOA/Voice Of America.  Many ethnic immigrant organizations, political leaders, immigrant advocates and influencers recognize The Immigrant Magazine as the legitimate inclusive voice for immigrants.

Pamela is on a mission to change the negative perception of immigrants. She profiles immigrant achievers and celebrities and represents the voice of marginalized immigrant women and children in the US. She is a great TV host and expert on social issues relevant to immigrants on immigration, education, career, entertainment, travel, family and culture.

Pamela is married to Charles Anchang, Publisher/CEO of The Immigrant Magazine Inc. and Executive Producer of IMPact With Pamela Anchang. Charles is also an avid entrepreneur in many business ventures. They have 3 children together.

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