On November 10, 2019, a violent coup d’état took place in Bolivia, navigated by the U.S., which managed to articulate the racist national oligarchy with the backing of the armed forces, the police and the paramilitary groups forcing Evo Morales to resign at gunpoint. The objective was to regain control of natural resources, mainly lithium, and to erase the example of a government with an indigenous face that for the first time since the genocidal conquest of America had come to power. On November 12, Áñez proclaimed herself president, giving way to repression, including the massacres at Sacaba and Senkata. The coup left 35 dead, 800 injured, more than 1,500 arrested and hundreds exiled. A hunt for leaders, former officials, and journalists continues to this day. Neoliberal policies have been applied and the country has been plunged into a political, social, economic, and food crisis.

Source: Bolivia: The Open Veins Are Bleeding Six Months After The Coup – PopularResistance.Org