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Eritrean Satellite Television (ERISAT)

ERISAT-Eritrean Satellite Television—is a non-profit digital platform dedicated to providing universal access, over-the-air, high-quality content to its Eritrean audience inside and outside Eritrea. It is committed to disseminate fact-based news to inform, educate, create awareness and bridge the information gap that exists among Eritreans inside Eritrea and in the diaspora, thereby creating a full picture of the political, social, economic and cultural life of Eritreans and provide accurate information and project hope and optimism throughout all programming. ERISAT’s slogan is “serving Eritreans, by Eritreans, for Eritreans”, where members coming from different political, religious, ethnic backgrounds commit to work in unity for a common purpose. ERISAT strives to create, produce and distribute outstanding content, through trusted journalism to inform, entertain, engage, transform, and inspire our Eritrean audience in Eritrea and throughout the world.

This Media Initiative is conceived to create content and services that are informative, educational, innovative, locally relevant, and reflective of Eritreans’ common values and cultural diversity. Under a framework referred to as the “three Ds” — Dissemination, Diversity, and Dialogue — ERISAT promotes innovation on digital platforms; content that is for, by and about the diverse communities of Eritrea we seek to serve; and content and services that foster dialogue and engagement among members of the audience and the broader community for positive change and political transformation in Eritrea

ERISAT’s vision is to be at the forefront of nurturing democratic culture and justice in Eritrea by creating a platform for diverse voices thereby encouraging and promoting tolerance and engagement among Eritreans inside and outside Eritrea. We, at ERISAT value democracy, diversity, true storytelling, and unity in purpose.

ERISAT is run by volunteer media professionals and funded by donations from members, grants and partnerships with like-minded organizations. ERISAT hopes to upgrade from a grass-roots effort to a professional, self-sustaining media company with a professional studio with professional-grade lighting, cameras, sound equipment, and editing. ERISAT is a 501 C 3 Non-Profit Organization incorporated in the State of California as of November 2018.

ERISAT welcomes both volunteers and donations.  To learn more about ERISAT and its programming please check their website and can contact them via email at


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