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Tiyya Foundation

Tiyya Foundation is an award-winning 501 (c)(3) known for transforming the refugee living experience in the Greater Los Angeles & surrounding areas. Since 2010, Tiyya has led the charge for impacting thousands of families through innovative education, arts, and recreation programs. Founded by Meymuna Hussein-Cattan and her mother, Owliya Dima, the Mayor of Los Angeles recently awarded the organization’s leaders an acknowledgement of its positive impact on society.

Because numbers of refugees needing resettlement are on the steady decline, Tiyya has pivoted away from basic necessities to focusing on programs centered around healthier childhoods after displacement & college readiness.


Led by volunteers, we provide weekly opportunities for youth, grades K-12, to establish a strong social network and develop life skills.  Activities include a 21-week robust soccer program, and participation in local recreational activities such as: field trips, art workshops, and seasonal events.


We help Tiyya families establish long term stabilization by focusing on sustainable access to housing, employment, and healthcare. Through workshops, community events, and long term relationship building, we help families transition to self-sufficiency.


We aim to provide support for education for all Tiyya clients, whether school aged or seeking to grow professionally

  • College Readiness – in partnership with local mentors and college campuses; we provide access to college workshops, college tours, and individualized coaching to pursue higher education.
  • Culinary Program – our pilot program will train Tiyya parents in the culinary and business skills necessary to operate independent catering companies.


As our program participants enter High School, we encourage opportunities for them to give back to younger Tiyya members by volunteering as soccer coaches.  We also provide weekly internships to develop their resumes and acquire units for graduation.


Check out our culinary social enterprise providing employment opportunities and “on the job” training here.

We partner with the best chefs who were former refugees & asylum seekers. Flavors from Afar is an events and catering service bringing traditional recipes and global flavors to Los Angeles and Orange County. Inspired by our chefs’ vibrant cultures and rich histories, each dish is a celebration of home. Join us in bringing that celebration to your dining table or place of business.


Preserve is a philanthropic portrait series led by Lily Glass and Lucia Tran. For every session booked, a family in need will receive the same experience. As you know, family portraits are a luxury, so we are incredibly honored to offer this opportunity to help celebrate loved ones in Tiyya’s community!  Find out more here.


Tiyya offers opportunities for adult volunteers in Los Angeles or Orange County in several different capacities.  You can learn about them and fill out an application here.

Tiyya also accepts donations here.



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