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Senait Admassu

Senait Admassu, MSW is the founder of the African Communities Public Health Coalition (ACPHC), a Los Angeles based non profit organization. This organization was birthed from her passion and understanding of the complexities of underserved African Communities. Ms. Admassu is extensively recognized for her expertise in community social mobilizing and culturally appropriate facilitation of trainings. In addition to providing community-based workshops and trainings to East and West African Immigrants, Ms.Admassu assists the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) African/ African America (AAA) Underserved Cultural Communities (UsCC) subcommittee in assessing mental health service provision in the African Communities. Ms. Admassu currently serves on the LACDMH AAA-UsCC subcommittee as a cultural broker. Ms. Admassu also serve as a Vice Chair of the Western Region against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) task force. Ms. Admassu’s education and community advocacy efforts have clearly demonstrated her diligence to mental health consumers, especially those of the African Communities.

Ms. Admassu is committed to imparting  her knowledge to African Communities. Her passion and life’s mission is to reduce the stigma and raise the awareness of mental health. One way that she will accomplish this mission is to motivate the African communities (through ACPHC) to become self-sufficient as they fulfill their individual missions and reach diverse communities. Ms. Admassu earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Southern California (USC). She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

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