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African Communities Public Health Coalition

African Communities Public Health Coalition (ACPHC) was founded by Senait Admassu and a focus group representing faith-based leaders, businesses, service providers, community leaders, organizers, and advocates in response to the growing suicide incidence in African communities in Los Angeles. The Department of Mental Health and the communities both urged action to address mental health and wellness in African immigrants. Typically, immigrants and refugees face great stress from sources such as the danger of deportation, social isolation, risk of crime or arrest, susceptibility to drugs and alcohol, and sometimes physical dangers.

The Executive Director and the volunteer board members are African descendants and speak more than ten different African languages.  Some of the board members and consultants are psychiatric social workers and mental health clinicians who provide intense direct clinical and case management at a community setting specifically for African and Caribbean immigrants.

ACPHP partners with groups, including UCLA, USC, and the City and County of Los Angeles, to provide a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to treating he mental and physical health of hard to reach African communities.  The approach includes prevention as well as promoting safety, stability, health and well-being. Their initiatives focus on a number of groups, including newly arrived refugees, the elderly, youth in at-risk situations, and children.

Specific programs include Mental Health Direct Services, Immgration Services. Case Management, Outreach and Education, Leadership Development Program, and Tobacco Control Project.

ACPHC welcomes volunteers and donations.

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