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Roya Adjory

Roya Adjory was our very first Featured Reader, in May 2016.  She was featured at that time for her work in greening Nori’s Eco Salon, the first hair salon to receive the Climate Leader Award and Green Salon Certification.  In 2005 Roya created a salon environment free of carcinogens, mutagens and dangerous chemicals.  In addition, Roya began carefully reading labels on the products used with clients, and she studied the research that points to the negative effects these chemicals have on clients, as well as on cosmetologists and nail technicians.

In her search for safer and better products, Roya discovered Natulique, a Danish company that produces a line of high-quality, natural salon products that are certified organic, cruelty-free, ammonia-free, paraben-free and resorcinol-free.  Select colors are free from PPD, while the rest have low PPD levels.  Twenty of its products are also vegan.

Roya began using Natulique products in her salon, and she was so impressed that she has become the distributor for Natulique salon products in California.  Many salons want to go more natural and organic, and Roya has been able to discuss with them the dangers of chemicals in personal care products and the lack of government regulations and oversight. Last year Roya was part of a group of grass roots organizations that sponsored a California bill that became the first cosmetics law in 70 years.  This year Roya went to Sacramento to do advocacy work on behalf of California hair salons.  They hope to pass SB574, the Cosmetics, Fragrance and Flavor Ingredient Right to Know Act, which would force the companies that make these products to list the thousands of chemicals hidden under Fragrance and Flavors labels.  The main sponsors of the two bills mentioned are Women’s Voices for the Earth, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, and Black Women for Wellness.

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