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Change to Humanity

Change to Humanity was founded by Giselle Malluche in 2007 to assist the homeless and communities living in food deserts and experiencing food insecurity in Atlanta and Clarkston GA. Their mission is to respond with commitment and love to the homeless and the community, while seeking to provide lives of equality, self-sustainability, and dignity. They are based on the principle of ‘Help to be Helped’ regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or race. Their goal is self-sustainability for clients and no food waste while there is hunger.

Over the years they developed a relationship with Whole Foods Market, which donated food on a weekly basis.  Whole Foods also allows Change to to reuse/recycle silver cooling bags for their donation food drive.

In 2018 they were able to repurpose a Community Art Center with the belief that art heals, inspires and empowers. In 2018 they responded started a community garden, and a sewing circle for reusable fabric bags to reduce plastic in our landfills and raise funds to finish the Community Art center.

To date, Change to Humanity has been an all-volunteer organization, but as it has grown, it is at the point of requiring paid staff.  Donations would be appreciated.

Volunteers are also needed to assist with the sewing project, the Sunday food dives, and the “Thanksgiving for the Homeless” event.

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