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Natural Deathcare Initiative

Natural Deathcare Initiative (NDI) was founded to accomplish the following purposes:

  • Increase death literacy and decrease death phobia by promoting the Natural Deathcare movement locally, regionally and nationally
  • Establish a network of compassionate, skillful deathcare providers
  • Provide the Monterey Bay area community with easily accessible natural deathcare resources including: pre-death needs assessment, assist with establishing goals of care, organization and logistical support, care givers, death doulas/death midwives, end of life musicians, celebrants, home funeral guidance, natural burial options, vigilists, chaplains, and grief workers
  • Create a directory of local and regional providers and resources
  • Increase the skill sets of the deathcare provider community by offering educational opportunities
  • Engage a broad spectrum of individuals, organizations and businesses in programs designed to raise awareness, such as a day-long forum on end-of-life care, movies and informational events

You can access the website for a list of services offered, a list of practitioners, and resources related to end of life care.  You can contact NDI if you would like to get help with deathcare or if you are interested in or involved with Natural Deathcare.  Donations are welcomed.

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