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Building the Impossible: A Regugee’s Journey of Giving Back 

Building the Impossible: A Regugee’s Journey of Giving Back is the story of Zebiba Shekhia’s achievement in building a high school for Eritrean refugee girls in Sudan.  As an Eritrean refugee herself, Zebiba wanted to help those still suffering from the war and genocide in Eritrea.  The impact of the Shegerab Secondary School has been profound. Girls who never dreamed of receiving an education beyond elementary school are now in college. The positive impacts have been felt not just by students, but by everyone. Increased access to higher education has had positive social and health impacts throughout the camp. Over the last nine years, 163 students have graduated from the school. A school, which many believed, couldn’t be built. Building the Impossible reveals how Zebiba overcame incredible odds to bring hope and purpose to the camp’s 7000 children.

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