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Channel the Sun

Soula SAAD teamed with Channel the Sun Magazine to fund women’s art projects through crowdfunding and fundraiser events. In Soula’s words:

With Channel the Sun ‘s amazing team of Futiristic Cultural Creatives We, (i.e, me and the women worldwide who inspired the Féminitude film and now co- creative platform) Are taking it further and co-creating a printed platform of Feminine expression HONOR THE MOON, a beautiful magazine / Coffee table book style, with Art, photography, litterature, poetry, stories and songs of inspired Women Worldwide!

And you can participate in the making and get your personalized signed copy following the link below!

‘Honor the Moon,’ our 3rd Issue, is a celebration of the Feminine from around the world. From rhythm, to art, to culture, we are reflecting the Lunar Power to illuminate a new way to live. Curated with @soula.saad (Lebanese Filmmaker and Activist) this project was created solely by women. More than a magazine, this Issue is a tool and manual for waking up, connecting the female voices from every continent to create a global web for change.

What does that change look like? For too long the relationship between woman and man has been fractured. We are actively healing this bond by  broadcasting women’s ideas of how that change can happen. This project is not an attack on the Masculine but an invitation from the Feminine to the Masculine to rise higher.

.Click the Link In Our Bio to help support our @gofundme and get involved with the creation of this Issue

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