The Senate will be taking up a vote for the Green New Deal in what’s widely seen as a cynical ploy by Mitch McConnell to divide Democrats at the expense of millennials and future generations. The thing is, millennials are pretty pissed and they’re not going to let the vote happen without making some serious noise.The Sunrise Movement, a youth-led group that has championed the Green New Deal, is planning a host of actions over the next few weeks to turn up pressure on senators from both sides of the aisle ahead of the vote on the resolution released last week by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are organizing their messaging to frame Republicans as nihilists who are, in Senator Brian Schatz’s words on the Senate floor on Thursday, “whistling past the graveyard.

Source: Activists Have a Plan to Keep the Senate From Nuking the Green New Deal