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Global One Development Center

Global One Development Center provides permanent supportive housing to homeless young adults in northern San Bernardino County.  These young people were mostly raised in foster homes, and then were left homeless because they had “aged out” of government-supported foster home placements.  When they turned 18 their foster parents no longer provided housing.

Our service differs from the day to day housing provided in homeless shelters.  Nor is it considered “transitional housing” that is provided for only a limited time.  Our residents to qualify must be TAY (Transitional Aged Youth) individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 when they enter the program, but once enrolled they may remain in our facilities indefinitely if appropriate. We presently house them in 16 2-bedroom apartments, two residents per apartment. We provide counseling and life adjustment assistance to help them become self supporting and leave the program when ready.

Although we provide life skills counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, and vocational counseling, we need further funding to provide vocational training.  We would be grateful for any volunteers to perform that function. We also accept donations.  You can contact us at

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