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K9 Connection

K9 Connection’s programs in Los Angeles area high schools offer teens the chance to break through learning and life barriers by training and bonding with homeless dogs. Experiential learning enables the teens to find self-esteem, self-determination and empathy while they in turn enable homeless dogs to develop the skills to be adopted into permanent loving homes.

On the field with the help of a professional trainer, students learn to teach their homeless dogs basic obedience skills using positive reinforcement, increasing their chances to be adopted.

In the classroom, accompanied by their dogs, students mirror the lessons from the dog training field: identifying goals, overcoming obstacles by staying motivated, and experiencing empathy and compassion. Classroom interactive discussions are built around applying these qualities and skills to their own lives, and to all living beings.

We continue to support our k9 alumni by monitoring their progress, offering ongoing encouragement and inviting them to join our programs as peer leaders to assist new students if they are still at the school.

K9 connection welcomes volunteers to help with supporting the student/dog teams both on the field and in the classroom.  You can read a description of volunteer opportunities, download an application, and view the 2018 calendar on the volunteer page:

You can also LIKE K9 connection on Facebook:

As a privately funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, k9 connection is entirely a grassroots community effort.  All of its funds are privately raised through personal donations, foundation grants, local business sponsorships and fundraising events.  All funds donated to k9 connection are tax deductible. You can donate at

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