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Juliet Béynon

Juliet Béynon serves as project director for K9 connection, a nonprofit program that re-shapes the lives of teens in at-risk situations and guarantees the placement of shelter dogs in permanent, loving homes.  “Finding a job where I can help two groups I’ve always been passionate  about, has been a dream come true.”

“With approximately 11,821 dogs killed in LA City Animal Shelters last year, and thousands of young offenders serving time in juvenile correctional facilities,  the proactive approach we offer through year around k9 connection programs,  nurtures the positive, underdeveloped capacities in challenged teens — while  giving shelter dogs a second chance: one innovative solution to two seemingly  insurmountable challenges.”

“For the past 13 years, our teens from less-than-optimal circumstances have had  the opportunity to overcome the effects of their past, their limitations, and their  fears, by training homeless shelter dogs in k9 connection programs from the Westside  to downtown Los Angeles. In essence, we provide a safe haven for teens and shelter  dogs to get a new lease on life.” Since its founding, k9 connection has served 938 youth  and 586 dogs have found permanent, loving homes.

Prior to joining k9 connection, Juliet was engaged in doing nonprofit consulting work with executive directors, advancement professionals, educators and their constituents, that included applicable experience through building program support for many diverse educational and community organizations

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