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Green Wave

Green Wave ( is an environmental consulting non-profit inspired by regenerative thinking, permacultural design principles, biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle, zero waste, transforming trash into treasure, and the concept of deep ecology.  We provide environmental and sustainability education and consultation to individuals, communities, businesses, and schools, including:

  • Development of environmental policies for organizations
  • Event greening
  • Eco (hospitality) riders for artists
  • Buyer’s club/ co-op consultation
  • Educational salons + retreats
  • Eco-ambassador coaching
  • Fiscal Sponsorships + support


Following are projects that we partner or support:

Escuela de la Jungla

Escuela de la Jungla is the program partner for Green Wave permaculture education and initiatives in Costa Rica.

Safer Raving by Amy Raves

Safer Raving by Amy Raves is a harm reduction organization for the festival circuit. Safer Raving keeps festival goers safe through survival education and services such as PLURR Patrol which actively scans festival grounds for patrons that may need assistance.

Lend a Hand and a Foot (LAHAF)

Art and Disaster Relief Partner LAHAF, has dedicated the last several years to connecting dots, resources, and sources of hope for communities in times of need. Currently LAHAF is assisting in community building with Global Block and Anchorage Artists Co-Op to create global programs for artists to continue to use their talents to help innovate change, awareness, and bring beauty to the world.

Futuro Verde  (School of the Green Future)

Futuro Verde (FV) is the only school in the region that provides an environmental, progressive and bilingual education. Futuro Verde offers a program that embraces the environment and the diverse cultural and linguistic population in the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. In the 2013 school year, FV counted among its student community children representing an astounding 18 countries.

Green Wave House

The Green Wave Sustainable Living Project (aka the Green Wave House or Casa de Ola Verde) is an on-going living research, demonstration, and education center for modern ecological living. Open to the public by appointment and once a month on Saturdays, our green development center is projected to open by Winter of 2017 and serve the greater Southern Pacific-side of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Casa del la Ola Verde will be a living example of harmonious living for both Costa Rican residents and travelers providing visual, educational inspiration, hands on activities, and an holistic array of workshops including conscious living, permaculture, yoga, meditation, dance, art, and compassion.

Electronic Music Alliance

Green Wave acts as the green consulting service for the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), established in 2010. We provide regenerative, sustainability, and safety awareness and solutions to the electronic dance music community. EMA also serves as an activator for music fans to get involved in permaculture based community service days.

Karen Mogensen Reserve

The Karen Mogensen Reserve is a gorgeous biological reserve situated in, and considered the lungs of, the Nicoya Peninsula. The Costa Rican reserve is also the provider of fresh, clean water to 6 surrounding communities. It is the home of old growth forest, waterfalls, and rare tree species. 1000 trees are planted within the reserve annually.

Wild Sun Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild Sun Rescue Center is a Costa Rican non-profit association, located in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica right on the border of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. The main purpose of the rescue center is the conservation and rehabilitation of Wildlife in the southern Nicoya Peninsula. In addition to sanctuary services we offer environmental education at our center through workshops for our local community.  Wild Sun was recently granted the rights to take over a 10 year proved species reintroduction program for the scarlett macaw.  After World War II the specific trees that constituted the macaw habitat were devastated by deforestation, and the iconic Costa Rican bird disappeared.  We are excited to continue the work of bringing this regal bird back home.


Come see the projects we work on in Costa Rica.  Check out our eco-home, peramaculture farm, environmental school, the biological reserve, and of course the wildlife rescue center in person. Make it a vacation with the purpose of giving back.  Fall in love with Nature again the way Janine did.  Everyone that has come to visit went home transformed.  One does not need to stay at one of my beach-front properties although 10% of the rental will be donated to your favorite project if you decide to do so.  Janine is the free project tour guide.  Until then, we’ll accept donations:


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