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Wright Way Organic Resource Center

In 1999 Mary and Eric Lloyd Wright, along with their friends and a group of dedicated volunteers started the Wright Way Organic Resource Center to provide more structure to the ongoing community events on their land.  The mission of the WWORC is to strive to educate and activate people to be creative, aware and environmentally responsible in all aspects of life. WWORC provides opportunities for people in the Los Angeles area, especially youth, to experience the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and Organic Architecture, encouraging the creative integration of Nature, Art and Community. The goal is to spark the imagination of people who come to the land and activate them to envision and participate in building a socially and environmentally connected world. WWORC hosts educational programs on ecological design; resource use; social and community structures; green lifestyles and business practices; alternative agriculture; the celebration of Nature’s cycles and spiritual renewal; gardening; art, poetry, music and the creative and performing arts.

You can check the website for an annual calendar of public events:

You can also check out the Organic Legacy project and make a donation to support the project:


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