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Jewish Women’s Theatre

Jewish Women’s Theatre debuted in in 2008 the backyard of a home in Pacific Palisades, California with the expressed purpose of giving voice to Jewish women on stage. They soon became a project of Community Partners, and launched their signature groundbreaking program, At-Homes Salon Theatre.  These theatrical presentations are created around a theme and curated to include stories, poems, comedic monologues, songs, and even art all designed to illuminate various aspects of the theme.  Since then, JWT has grown exponentially, drawing over 13,000 patrons annually in a variety of venues in Southern California, the San Francisco/Bay Area and beyond! JWT has partnered with over 50 organizational partners to bring their unique brand of entertainment out into the community including synagogues, museums, art galleries, universities, Jewish Community Centers, senior-serving facilities and even prisons.  In addition to pioneering Salons, often viewed as an innovative pop-up model of theater, JWT recognized the need for a permanent home that would support longer running shows while establishing a valuable creative hub in the community.  With seed funding from private donors and the leadership and good will of JWT’s passionate and committed volunteers, JWT opened The Braid in November 2014 in the Bergamot Arts District of Santa Monica. The Braid is home to JWT’s office, theatrical presentations, writer’s workshops, classes, an art gallery, community events and special Shabbat services that combine performance with prayer and song.

JWT continuously encourages hundreds of lay and professional writers and artists, including those who are not Jewish nor women, inspiring original works that might not have been created without our existence, call to action, and support. In 2015 JWT became an independent non-profit, supported through ticket sales, a wide patron and donor basecorporate sponsorships and generous foundations.

You can engage with JWT by attending performances, submitting stories, booking a show, volunteering, and/or donating:

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