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Mollie Hogan

Mollie Hogan is the founder and president of Nature of Wildworks.  She started out as a professional singer, but switched careers when she toured the Moorpark College Teaching Zoo for the first time and came face-to-face with a mountain lion. She was hooked! As a student at Moorpark, she worked with that very mountain lion as well as many other wild and exotic birds, mammals, and reptiles. Upon graduation, she moved to Sedona, Arizona, where she managed an animal shelter for a year. When an employment opportunity opened up at the Los Angeles Zoo’s Cat Show, she moved back to California for her dream job.  She raised and trained a wide variety of cats for the show: ocelot, bobcat, lynx, caracal, serval, clouded leopard, cheetah, and two very special mountain lions named Phoenix and Sage. During her time at the L.A. Zoo, the “Cat Show” evolved into a native animal presentation called “Wild in the City.” When the show was suddenly terminated in 1993, the animals were relocated to the Moorpark facility where, at the time, she was also a part-time instructor. She applied for the proper permits and then founded the Nature of Wildworks Wildlife Center, relocating the animals to the current facility.
In addition to Wildworks, Mollie recently founded Cat Business, a behavioral consulting company providing specialized training and problem-solving services for felines and their humans. Check us out on the web at

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