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Sandra Beckwith

Sandra Beckwith is the author of two ebook series teaching civility and ethics to kids:  Master Keys for Kids and A Manner for All Seasons.  Schools and families are searching for ways to counter an increasingly mean-spirited and crude world, and these tools help teachers and parents to teach kindness, respect, gratitude, and compassion.  The Master Keys Series offers almost 50 lessons in themed books that lead conversation and critical thinking for children’s emotional intelligence.  A Manner for All Seasons series uses storytelling and teaching tools on social and life skills:  writing thank you notes, how to apologize, assisting children with loss, and even respecting nature. Available on iTunes iBooks.

In Sandra’s words: “The need for greater civility and individual ethics is on everyone’s lips and our current headlines.  When the recent election happened, I knew that this was the time to release this series as an answer and call to action.  It’s not enough to know we have a problem.  We need practical tools to empower families and teachers to prioritize living into our core universal values.  The explosion of participation in the Women’s March was a crying out for us to create a kinder, more respectful world.  We cannot make the level of social change and peaceful resistance we desire unless it is based in kindness, respect, gratitude, and compassion: the Master Keys.”

You can get involved by sharing these books with parents, grandparents, teachers, and faith communities, by using the tools in your day to day life, and by choosing to be kinder and more respectful.  Sandra is available to speak to organizations and parent groups.  The choices we make now will shape the direction our world will head.  See more on the Master Keys website:

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