Sita Lozoff is the co-director of the Human Kindness Foundation (HKF), a project she founded with her late husband Bo Lozoff more than 40 years ago.  The foundation provides interfaith spiritual materials to jail and prison inmates across the country and world.

Sita grew up in Pennsylvania but left home on a quest for a deeper purpose in life.  She first landed in Miami, Florida, ostensibly to go to college but ultimately to find Bo and begin the adventure that helped them connect to spiritual leaders like Ram Dass and the Dalai Lama, found HKF, and affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

The first time she entered a prison, Sita knew she had found her calling.  It felt like a return to a place she knew well, a place where she was needed.  Through the Prison-Ashram Project, Sita has been able to connect with so many appreciative inmates who receive and return the love she emanates.

Sita continues to work in the Human Kindness Foundation office full-time, thoughtfully reading and responding to hundreds of letters from inmates every week. Sita is also a stained glass artist, gardener, mother, and now a very proud grandmother.