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Human Kindness Foundation

The Human Kindness Foundation (HKF), founded by Bo and Sita Lozoff, is a non-profit organization that promotes three common principles taught by the great sages of all religions: Simple living, service, and personal spiritual practice. For more than 40 years, HKF’s Prison-Ashram Project has shared these principles and practices with hundreds of thousands of incarcerated individuals around the world, with life-changing results.

Each week, Human Kindness Foundation responds to approximately 300 letters from prison and jail inmates requesting free books, CDs, and notes to guide them on their challenging spiritual journeys.  The most requested book is We’re All Doing Time by the late Bo Lozoff.  It was hailed by The Village Voice as “one of the ten books everyone in the world should read,” and has been lauded by prison staff and prisoners alike as one of the most helpful books ever written for true self-improvement and rehabilitation. We’re All Doing Time (with a foreward by His Holiness the Dalai Lama) is in its 21st printing with almost a half million copies distributed.

The foundation’s advisors and supporters include spiritual leaders such as Father Thomas Keating, Pema Chodron, Father Richard Rohr, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay and Venerable Robina Courtin, as well as a board representing deep experience in the realities of prison life.  With only two paid staff, HKF depends heavily on volunteers and individual donations.  To find out more about the work of HKF and how to support it, go to

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