Everybody on the “left” claims to agree that a Donald Trump presidency will almost certainly be catastrophic.  While other authoritarians, in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan, have historically only lasted a few years, they cost millions of lives.  And they did not have nuclear weapons; if they had, at least some of them would have used them.  Donald Trump will have the power to destroy the world.

Everybody also knows, or should know in view of the overwhelming evidence, that the 2016 election was crooked.  We have known that U.S. elections were rigged since at least 2000—voter suppression, Republican-owned proprietary software that can’t be audited, and much more.  All our elections should be audited.

Yet the only person standing up to challenge this election is Jill Stein.  Why isn’t everyone rushing to help her?  Some people on the “left” are actually trying to undermine her.  I was heartbroken to see my idol Trevor Noah imply that she was doing it for the money.  What is going on?  I actually Googled “why isn’t everyone supporting the recount” and got—nothing.

I can sort of understand the silence from corporate media and corporate Democrats—they may believe that they have more to gain from a Trump presidency than they do by opposing it.  However, what about citizens?  Apparently, Jill Stein had little trouble raising millions for the recount, but why isn’t there a mass uprising?  Why are no leaders standing up?  Why isn’t the alternative media pushing back?

We see the train wreck coming, yet we merely stand and watch.