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Danielle Levy

Danielle Levy’s life goal is to contribute toward the creation of unity among all people.  To do this, she uses a framework of higher values, such as compassion, as opposed to the usual materialistic values, to analyze social problems.  She posts a written piece each week and a video every other week on her website, Inner Life Directions (  In addition, Danielle is the owner of Inner Outer Partnership (, a non-profit organization which offers meditation as a way for individuals to fulfill their roles in uniting humanity.

Danielle’s life journey combined research and study with thought and meditation, and a series of professional jobs, from project development for a prize winning architect to working with the adoption of abused children. Also trained as a journalist, Danielle has written articles and a few years ago published a collection of essays on race relations, “New Wine and Old Bottles, Creating a Newer Vision.”

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