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Shane Johnson

Shane Johnson is 15 years old.  For the last three years he has been working with an organization that finds adoptive homes for dogs, and he has been so successful that he has been honored as a Youth Team Leader. In addition to his school and volunteer work, he also plays football.  Here is what he says:

I started helping dogs find forever homes about 3 years ago when I saw a dog rescue working in the area where I live.  They were called Love That Dog Hollywood through .  I am very shy, so I had to get together the courage to approach Addie, the founder of the organization, and try to see if I could assist in helping her to find the dogs homes.  She welcomed me and made me so comfortable that I felt compelled to do whatever it takes to get each dog a proper home.  This included talking to people about each dog, taking the dogs for walks, feeding the dogs, getting them water, changing their blankets, and teaching other kids how to take care of the dogs and sometimes cats too.  Soon, I was a Youth Team Leader and felt such a sense of accomplishment on such an important mission to aid animals in need.  I feel this is so important, because for every dog or cat that I find a home for, there is one less animal on the street.  If anyone wants to help, they can go to  This organization works with kids too and helps guide us to become responsible pet owners and responsible for the choices we make in life for ourselves and our planet.


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