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Annie Goeke

Anne de la Bouillerie (known as Annie Goeke) has been a noted leader in the Greens and Peace movement worldwide for over a decade including elected positions in the Green Party such as co-chair of the National Steering Committee, International Committee and a delegate for the Global Greens Coordination. She was a co-founder of Lancaster Greens, Green Party of PA and ASGP.

Over many years, Annie has been involved as a community activist who has promoted green markets, healthy lifestyles and progressive agendas concerning one’s community. Besides her green activity, Annie Goeke co-founded a local chapter Women in Black (international peace organization) and co-designed/taught an educational curriculum for educators on peace building in the classroom

Annie writes:

My project is to create an institute that promotes a culture of peace that combines my skills as a leader in the Greens and Peace movement worldwide and experiences as an eco-feminist and community activist.  In order to change the world, we need examples of models that bridge together all these movements and has integrated into the global development process.  This work and passion I have to do this is my spiritual journey.  It keeps my heart open to knowing there is hope.  Another world is possible and we are making it happen through collaboration, interconnecting and supporting each other.

The Earth Rights Institute (ERI) came from my deep desire to assist communities and local stakeholdersto empower themselves, by providing programs, resources, tools, connections and education that promote, create and teach sustainability.  Together with Alanna Hartzok, we co-founded ERI and established a dynamic global network of persons of goodwill and special skills engaged in the social, economic, peace and environmental justice movements. We attended international conferences and joined the UN.  Working closely with the grassroots, we gave them a voice and helped build ecological communities.  Our work is about connecting the dots and coming up with innovative solutions.

The best way to get involved with us is to help support our projects, educational programs and advocacy.  One can register and take our online course “Become a Leader in Sustainability” or get involved as a volunteer or intern and we are open to partnerships and collaborations.  Come and see us at the Green Festivals Los Angeles and like us on Facebook, join our mailing list, donate, or just reach out to us.  We are all about collaboration!

We’ve included some images below showing some of the work Annie has been involved in.

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