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SOS Children’s Villages International

SOS Children’s Villages International provides families for children needing care all over the world.  I support a little boy in Nepal, and I receive letters and drawings from him, as well as reports about him.

This description is from Wikipedia:

The organization’s work focuses on abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family-based child care. Millions of children worldwide are not living without their biological families for a variety of reasons including:

  • parental separation,
  • domestic violence and neglect,
  • they have lost their parents due to war or natural catastrophes,
  • disease – including, increasingly, AIDS

Such children are supported to recover from being emotionally traumatised and to avoid real danger of being isolated, abused, exploited and deprived of their rights.

SOS provides about 50,000 such children and 15,000 young adults with a permanent new family, with a ’24 hours a day’ new SOS mother to provide family-based care. Typically (in the developing world) about ten children are grouped into a house with an SOS mother and between ten and forty of such houses are grouped together as a “Village” with shared facilities. Family groups once formed are kept together as a priority.

In addition to the SOS Children’s Villages (over 546 worldwide) that form the core of SOS Children’s Villages’ work, the organisation runs a whole range of programmes and facilities in support of socially disadvantaged and impoverished families to help them lead a better life in the long-term. SOS also supports about a million other children in community programmes such as family strengthening, running 192 schools across the developing world, running medical centres and programmes for street children, child soldiers and victims of disaster.

To go to SOS Children’s Villages International website, click here (opens in a new window)

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