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Roya Adjory

Our first featured reader is Roya Adjory. I met her when I finished chemotherapy and was desperately looking for a hair salon free from carcinogens.

I was lucky to find Roya, who I now consider a real friend, and I have enormous admiration for what she has achieved.

Here is her description:

Nori’s Eco Salon, a Green hair salon, is the first and the only salon to receive the Climate Leader Award and Green Salon Certification. When I decided to turn an already exciting family owned business into a Green salon, there were no guidelines, standards, or specifications in my industry or anywhere else as to how to go about it. It took a great deal of research and hard work, but the vision became a reality. In 2005 we created a cleaner environment for ourselves and our clients, free of carcinogens, mutagens and whole slews of dangerous chemicals. Lessening our exposures to these chemicals must be a priority in our lives in order to protect bodies and our planet.

salonMy interest in creating a Green hair salon was inspired by the serious allergic reactions my sister, whom I worked with, was experiencing at the time. In an attempt to help her, I began to look closely at the ingredient listings for all the products we used with clients and also the cleaning products we used. My findings shocked me, and they instigated my search for the best and the cleanest products, and for taking a stand for a way of life and business practice that embraces all things as sacred and that strives to have a positive impact in our community.

Janets good news - Nori's eco salonIn renovating our new salon space, we used renewable and recycled materials, such as Paper Stone 100% post- consumer recycled paper for our counter tops and used denim jeans for our insulation. Our flooring is free from formaldehyde and other out-gassing toxins . Visit our site for a more complete description:

We hope that everyone will encourage their stylists to look at the bottles closely, to understand what is in these products, and to read the research that points to the negative effects these chemicals have on cosmetologists and nail technicians. We also encourage everyone to become aware of pending legislation that needs to pass in order to protect the consumers and the stylists, and to urge their legislators to vote the right way.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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