Petition · Let’s end greyhound racing nationwide! ·

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Petition · Let’s end greyhound racing nationwide! ·

Since 2008, nearly 1,000 racing greyhounds have died and 12,000 have suffered injuries —  including   broken legs, crushed skulls, broken necks, paralysis, seizures, and death by electrocution.  And these are just the  reported  injuries and deaths. The vast majority of the 80,000 greyhounds born into dog racing can’t even be accounted for.  Six states still  have active greyhound tracks, despite the injuries, deaths, and cruelty surrounding the industry.  GREY2K USA Worldwide in conjunction with the ASPCA has released the  first comprehensive report on commercial dog racing in the United States , which has found that greyhounds are kept confined in cramped, solitary cages for twenty or more hours each day. They are fed a diet based on cheap, diseased meat, and are routinely   deprived of basic veterinary care . And greyhounds are often dosed with dangerous, illegal drugs —  some dogs have even tested positive for cocaine.  Every year we allow this inhumane activity to continue, more dogs will endure lives of confinement, suffer injuries and die while racing.  Greyhound racing is illegal in the vast majority of the country. It’s time to put an end to it once and for all.  Sign this petition and demand that the cruel practice of greyhound racing be brought to an end in the seven remaining states where racing continues.  Please  share our report and lend your support to our efforts to protect greyhounds everywhere .

Source: Petition · Let’s end greyhound racing nationwide! ·

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